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We have several committees within our Association. Participation is MANDATORY. Your application is not complete without a selection. Please select the committee on which you would like to actively serve: 

Speaker  Publicity   Membership   Monthly Meeting LocationsTournament (Goody Bags)  Tournament (Prizes)  Tournament (Sponsors) Tournament Food


Each paid membership fee entitles one person from one location to all rights and privileges of membership in this association. Should more than one person or more than one location of the same company desire membership, additional dues must be rendered.

All members must complete a membership application and enclose it along with your check for dues. No membership is valid until both application and payment are received. The Board of Directors and Executive Committee reserve the right to deny membership to persons not associated with the golf community or to those persons who have abused their membership rights in the past.













Click HERE to download a copy of the Association By-Laws.

Click HERE to  print a copy of the Invoice for Annual Dues. Keep in mind that you may submit an application for membership online, but your membership will not be activated until your payment of annual dues is received.


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